Jude Caisley was born in Northumberland and originally trained as a fashion designer. Having graduated with a First Class Honours Degree, she went on to work in the London fashion industry for 20 years. In 2010 she rediscovered her love for painting and started to work as a full time artist. Her paintings are full of energy, vibrant colour, movement and freedom with expressive brushwork and rich textures. Her aim to uplift and inspire life to the viewer.Jude has participated in a number of group exhibitions as well as running her own solo shows.


My abstract paintings are primarily about releasing and reflecting what’s inside through the vehicle of colour and movement, whilst in awe of the Master Creator. It starts with a spontaneous movement, followed by a searching for the beauty, rhythm and intricate details that lies within. A process that allows for many happy accidents filled with grace. Working mainly with acrylic paint, I employ both traditional and innovative painting techniques.


Newcastle Polytechnic. First Class Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Degree in
Fashion/Textiles 1989


2020 Group Exhibition, Summer Rain, The Annexe Brick Lane Gallery, UK

2020 Group Exhibition, The Summer Show 2020, La Galleria Pall Mall, UK

2019 Joint Exhibition, Sprout Arts, UK

2019 Solo Exhibition, Revelation Light, Omnibus Theatre, UK

2018 Solo Exhibition, Open Heaven, Sprout Arts, UK

2018 Group Exhibition, The Furzedown Affordable Art Show 2018, Sprout Arts, UK

2017 Group Exhibition, The Furzedown Affordable Art Show 2017, Sprout Arts, UK

2017 Solo Exhibition, Rhythms of Light, Sprout Arts, UK

2016 Art in Offices, Little Van Gogh,UK

2016 Group Exhibition, Summer Exhibition, The Paxton Centre, UK

2016 Group Exhibition, The Furzedown Affordable Art Show 2016, Sprout Arts, UK

2015 Solo Exhibition, Colours Exploding, Sprout Arts, UK

2015 Group Exhibition, The Furzedown Affordable Art Show 2015, Sprout Arts, UK

2014 Solo Exhibition, Living Waters, Sprout Arts, UK

2013 Group Exhibition, Lambeth Open, Portico Gallery, UK

2013 Solo Exhibition, Reveal, Reflect & Release, Sprout Arts, UK

2012 Joint Exhibition, Premier Exhibition, Wimbledon Business Centre, UK


2018 Encourage Art Day, London UK

2018 Celebration of the NHS, Artist in residence at Hexham Abbey, UK

2014 Besom fair, Besom Head Office, UK

2014 Awake my Soul, St Michael’s, UK

2012 Oasis Christmas Fair, Oasis Church, UK

2012 Feast the World, St Peter’s Church, UK

2011 Besom Fair, Besom Head Office, UK

To view works that are in real situations, click on the link below.